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Ambedkar Habba 2017 at Spoorthidhama
On the occasion of the 126th birth anniversary of Dr B. R. Ambedkar a three-day celebration, aptly named ‘Ambedkar Habba’, was held at Spoorthidhama Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Campus, Bangalore. The celebration comprised a range of events including memorial lectures by eminent scholars, cultural programmes by folk artists, and the screening of a movie on Dr Ambedkar. The celebration culminated with the presentation of the Bodhivriksha and Bodhivardhana awards, given by Spoorthidhama to recognise the invaluable services of people who have dedicated their lives to the upliftment, empowerment and development of exploited, downtrodden and vulnerable sections of society.

April 12, 2017
‘Buddha Beladingalu’ comprising of Buddhist discourse and meditation programmes.

April 13, 2017
Ambedkar Memorial Lectures Dr. R.S. Deshpande, Former Director, Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore spoke on “The Economic and Developmental Thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’. Dr Jeevan Kumar, Former Professor of Political Science, Bangalore University spoke about “Taking the Fruits of Development to the Common Man”. A Play -- “Chandragiriya Theeradalli” Staged by the theatre troupe Rangapayana and directed by Nayana J Suda, Chandragiriya Theeradalli is based on a novel written by Sara Aboobacker

April 14, 2017
Procession Led by folk troupes from Tamil Nadu who regaled the crowds with their music, dance and histrionics, the procession carrying Dr Ambedkar’s portrait started at the outer ring road near Spoorthidhama and ended at the Ambedkar statue inside the Spoorthidhama campus. A movie Director Jabbar Patel’s movie on Dr Ambedkar, with well-known Malayalam actor Mammooty playing Ambedkar, was screened for the largely young audience gathered at Spoorthidhama, and it left an indelible impact on them.

Award ceremony
Spoorthidhama has been giving out one Bodhivriksha award and five Bodhivardhana awards every year since 2009. The Bodhivriksha award comprises a cash prize of rupees one lakh and a memento. Each Bodhivardhana award comprises a cash prize of rupees twenty thousand and a memento. In giving these awards, the intent is to recognize the services of people who have devoted their lives to the rescue, upliftment, empowerment and development of the exploited, the downtrodden and vulnerable sections of society. The awards are presented on the occasion of Ambedkar Habba each year. This year the Bodhivriksha award was conferred on the team behind ‘Kabar Leheriyaan’, a regional language weekly newspaper brought out by a collective of 40 rural women, many from marginalised groups. It is sold across 600 villages of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Kabar Leheriyaan is known to point out the struggles and exploitation faced by women and has been instrumental in improving the situation of many women in the Bundelkhand region of India. Kavita Devi, a journalist with Kabar Leheriyaan, received the Bodhi Vriksha award on behalf of her team.

The Bodhivardhana awards were presented to the following people
1) Sunandamma and Narasamma, agricultural labourers who have given voice to the problems of their fellow labourers through their activism and ensured that they are not deprived of their rights. 2)B.M. Giriraj, a film director who has used the medium of cinema to enlighten people on many of the lesser known achievements of Dr Ambedkar. 3)Mallepally Laxmaiah, a noted journalist from Telangana who has played an instrumental role in the creation of government schemes for underprivileged sections of society. 4) Mysore’s ‘Odanaadi Samsthe’, which works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of women who are suffering from exploitation of various kinds. Each of the above recipients have played crucial roles in their respective fields in terms of spreading awareness on social issues, fighting for the rights of the downtrodden and ensuring that government schemes reach the people who are truly in need of them. Well known writer, thinker and activist Dr. K. Marula Siddappa gave away the awards.