Ambedkar Habba

Baba Saheb Ambedkar was a multifaceted, compassionate genius who touched the lives of innumerable people. The thoughts and values preached by him in social, political and cultural fields are relevant forever. His following has grown beyond all confines and he is the most admired person in India, if not in the world.

At Spoorthidhama, we believe that the life and work of Baba Saheb needs to be celebrated. Each year on 14th April (Baba Saheb's birthday) a grand celebration is held in Spoorthidhama. This is known as Ambedkar Habba. (The word 'Habba' means 'Festival' in the Kannada)

As common in festival time, there is a cultural dimension to the celebration and this includes dances, music, the staging of plays, and a general atmosphere of gaiety. This is also the time when Bodhivriksha and Bodhivardhana awards are conferred. A memorial lecture is also held during this time.