Bodhivriksha & Bodhivardhana Awards

Writers, artists et al are honored with awards and recognitions by the government and several associations. There is hardly any recognition for people working in the area of social services, though in a sense their sacrifices are much more noteworthy and their services useful. In order to fill this gap and recognize the valuable services of people who devote their life to the rescue, upliftment, empowerment and development of the exploited, downtrodden and other vulnerable sections, Spoorthidhama has established Bodhivriksha and Bodhivardhana awards in the year 2009. One Bodhivriksha and five Bodhivardhana awards are presented each year. They are presented on the occasion of Ambedkar Habba. Bodhivriksha award carries a cash prize of Rupees One Lakh and a memento and the five Bodhivardhana awards carry a cash prize of Rs. Twenty Thousand and a memento each. Bodhivriksha is awarded for lifetime achievement and the Bodhivardhana is awarded for significant achievement. The first Bodhivriksha award was conferred on Acharya Buddharakkhita. Thera the founder of Mahabodhi Society, Bangalore.