Buddha Temple and Vihara Complex

Spoorthidhama is a place where Buddhist thought and Culture are sought to be practiced and propagated. To this end we have already established Lokaratna Buddha Vihara. This Vihara is quite small. Besides we badly need a Buddha Temple.

There is a resurgence of Buddhism in India, particularly in Karnataka. A large number of people are embracing Buddhism. There is a clamor for temples, Viharas and daily rituals. Regular discourses, meditation, rituals and celebrations are must. Development of an order monks who are available all the time and guide the laity goes a longway. In order to fulfill all these needs Spoorthidhama intends to construct a temple and Vihara complex. The plans for the Temple are ready. The place is also earmarked. Construction has to be taken up.

Vihara will have provision for meditation, training of monks, and study and research in Buddhism.