Lokarathna Buddha Vihara

The Vihara was established a decade back. The objective is to provide people of the neighborhood and others visiting Spoorthidhama with an opportunity to learn about Buddhism, its philosophy and practices. Besides, it also provides an opportunity for the Buddhist to practice the Dhamma, meditation and listen to discourses and observe other Buddhist rituals. This is also a place for where the intenerant monks to stay and practice. Ven. Vinayarakkhita Thera is the chief monk of the Vihara. He is a well known Buddhist scholar and vipassana teacher. His discourses are much sought after. Many itinerant monks visit the Vihara. Besides it has its own following among the lay public.

Prabuddha marga, an association of Upasakas and Upasikas looks after the affairs of the vihara and takes keen interest in spreading the Dhamma. Full moon day observances have been started from November 2016 under the name "Buddha Beladingalu". The activities of the Vihara are having a beneficial impact on the neighborhood.