Youth Camps

If you travel in the rural side you would find young people roaming around in groups without a thought about their future. They are the educated unemployed. They have the least idea, of how much life they are wasting. On the other hand wherever we go there are complaints of non-availability of labour. Why this crying need for labour when there are so many unemployed youngsters? If we could bring these two together it could result in vast changes in Society, raise the economic status of the population and curtail the scope for conflict and mischief in the rural landscape. Thus was born the idea of holding the Youth Camps.

Before starting the Camps however, the Spoorthidhama team had tried to understand the psyche of these youngsters. These boys and girls have their own notions of the jobs they would like to hold. Their preference is for Government jobs. They have no idea of the prevailing situation. They are full of negativity. They assume the worst with regards to Government and Society. These are detrimental to many or them ever getting gainfully employed. These attitudes have been taken into account in designing the programme.

In the camps they are trained in personality development and life skills. They are also furnished information about the availability of jobs and the possible areas of self engagement. Though the above are the focus areas, through appropriate activities they are enabled to learn, team building, commitment to goals, communication skills. There is also enough emphasis on bringing out their unexplored talent. On arrival and registration the participants are engaged in tree planting. Aim is to construct a bond with the campus and its vast greenery. Besides, they introduce themselves and their background, and also learn about Spoorthidhama, its genesis, work and vision. Next three days their schedule is tight. They rise at 5 am and after morning chores they troop to Buddhavana at 6 am for meditation and discourse. From 7 am they exercise to the tune of Jambe music. The enchanting beat is a hair raising experience. After breakfast classes start at 9.30. They go on till 6 pm, with breaks in between for tea and lunch. At 7 pm they rush to the Auditorium where they are given an opportunity to exhibit their talents. Camp fire follows dinner. The boys and girls dance around the fire to the tune of popular music. These activities and the lectures are transformational and they confess to as much. The job fair on the last day offers them a number of options with regard to jobs and the opportunity to stand on their own legs and be an earning member of society.

This programme was started on the occasion of 125th Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. It is conducted every month on the fourth week and the six programmes have been is completed. Spoorthidhama and all the organizing Volunteers cherish the programme for its true contribution to people and society.