• Bengaluru

Spoorthidhama has currently embarked on an ambitious project of setting up a National Memorial for Babasaheb Ambedkar. 

The Memorial is envisaged as a celebration of the values for which Babasaheb strived all his life.  It is his struggles which has secured equal rights for all citizens, particularly the marginalized. It is his relentless efforts that ensured Constitutional guarantees for the marginalized. His visionary idea of “One citizen, One vote and One vote, One value” changed the very direction of the country’s political journey. Therefore ordinary citizens particularly the marginalized have embraced him as their own and seek to celebrate him by setting up his statues. There is a resurgence in citizens’ interest in the Constitution, in the Constituent Assembly debates and how Babasaheb led and directed these debates, indicating the timelessness and continued relevance of his ideas. 

It is to celebrate such an extraordinary, exceptional man and his ideas, that we have embarked on a challenge of building his Memorial. The memorial is a tribute and celebration of Babsaheb’s life and an effort to reach his timeless ideas to the hearts and minds of people and the generations to come and inspire them to take forward his struggle for freedom, social justice and equality not only in India but across the globe.

The Memorial structure is envisioned as a tribute to the timeless values championed by Babsaheb- Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. Rising from a Belvedere made of stone, the 80- feet, four floor Memorial, will spring towards the open skies. It will house a Museum, exhibition halls, a repository of books, a meditation hall, a Vihara, a training center for Bhikkus and a research and publication unit. At the center of the Memorial, a powerful light will spring forth from a six- foot diameter aluminium tube illuminating the skies, symbolizing the spirit of Liberation and Freedom.

The Memorial has been designed by the well- known architect Rajesh Mahan. His brother and a celebrated painter Sudesh Mahan is also collaborating on the project. The then Chief Minister of Karnataka laid the foundation stone of the Memorial on 21st may 2016, the day of Buddha Poornima. 

Spoorthidhama believes that it is not just the end which is important but also the means to the end is equally important. So the Memorial project is seen as a way to bring together all those who believe in Babasaheb’s values and struggles and collectively dedicate the Memorial to him and his extraordinary efforts in ensuring social justice for the most down- trodden. We want this to be a people’s memorial to Babasaheb, where those of us who have decided to take forward Babasaheb’s Caravan and tread the path shown by him come together and contribute towards the construction of the Memorial. Remember no amount is too less and no effort is too small.  

Join us and contribute to the construction of the Memorial!