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Babsaheb placed a lot of emphasis on education as a means of emancipation of the oppressed. He also believed all communities must come together in a spirit of fraternity to realize equality in society. In an effort to provide access to good quality education for children of all communities from different walks of life, Spoorthidhama Trust set up the Milind Public School on campus offering CBSE curriculum. It has all other facilities such as a large playground, library and opportunities for overall development though cultural and extra-curricular activities. 

Every year fees and other costs are waived or substantially reduced for children from vulnerable and poor communities who constitute nearly 40% of the total student strength. This way Spoorthidhama has been ensuring that students from all walks of life learn together without any discrimination. 

Unlike other schools, Milind School does not insist on high scores at the time of admission. It takes pride in the fact that it admits average and less than average students and moulds them into high scorers. Milind School has a track record of excellent performances by its students in the Class 10 examinations.

A total of 330 (80%) of the total 407 students re-enrolled in our school for the year 2021-22. Of the 330 who re-enrolled,  320 were able to do so only because the Trust either fully or partially waived off their fees. Of the total 330 students who re-enrolled:

  • Fees were completely waived for 17% of the students
  • 55% of the students received a reduction of fees by 25% 
  • 25% of the students received a reduction in fees by 50%
  • Parents of only 3% of the students were able to pay the full amount without any problem

Spoorthidhama has initiated a crowd- funding campaign (hyperlink and connect it to Donate page) to support other children return to school”

For current information about admissions and other details, please visit  http://www.milindpublicschool.org/