• Bengaluru

Brahminical dominance and appropriation of Dalit- Adivasi -Bahujan art and cultural space is widespread and has been continuing with greater vigor in recent times. Navayana Cultural Center was conceptualized as an art and cultural space where we reclaim our Dravidian, Dalit- Adivasi- Bahujan identities whatever form that it might take. From reading popular epics against the grain to interrogating dominant narratives around food, music, poetry, dance, fine arts and literature, Navayana Cultural Centre is a space to give expression and centre- stage Dalit- Adivasi -Bahujan narratives that have been stifled, distorted, invalidated or appropriated.

The auditorium routinely hosts cultural events, celebrations, seminars and festivals centered around issues of reclaiming marginalized socio- cultural and political identities. Spoorthidhama believes that the process of reclaiming is the beginning of liberation. By reclaiming one’s cultural heritage, we are also scripting self- respect and dignity for ourselves, our history and ancestry. It also brings people together in a spirit of solidarity which is crucial for attaining Babsaheb’s dream of liberation and equality.