• Bengaluru


Spoorthidhama is a Non- government organization that came into being in the context of the birth centenary celebrations of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar with the main objective of upholding the values of equality and social justice for which he fought throughout his life. Inspired by Ambedkar and Buddha, Spoorthdhama embraces both activism and spirituality that are anchored in the foundational values of our Constitution.

‘Manava Kulam Taanonde Valam’. This is a line from Adikavi Pampa, one of the greatest Kannada poets of all time which means All of Humanity is One. This is Spoorthidhama’s dictum. Honoring this dictum Spoorthidhama has created a space to bring people together from different walks of life to celebrate the values enshrined in our Constitution and the richly diverse and plural cultures that define our society. It is a space to work together, for lively political discussions and debates, for poetry and the arts and a space to find serenity and peace within.

Spoorthidhama recognizes the socio- economic inequalities in society particularly in access to education, health care, employment along the faultlines of gender, caste and class. So it is striving to support children and youth from marginalized communities access good quality education, expand opportunities for their all- round growth and development. Spoorthidhama believes in the power of the collective and it is working with marginalized women in agriculture and health care to collectivise and strengthen their participation in these sectors as full citizens in a democracy.