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‘Samvaada’, an ISSN monthly journal published from Sproorthidhama in Kannada language. The motto of the journal is to uphold the democratic and secular values, in the process it has created a platform for all the progressive thinkers, inclusive ideologies, activists, scholars and all the pro people thoughts and acts. It has influenced the youngsters since 2 decades and is rigorously read and referred from readers to academicians.

Samvaada (meaning Dialogue in Kannada) is an ISSN monthly journal which is well- known and popular across the state. The editorial team is led by Sri. Indudhara Honnapura, a veteran journalist and a public intellectual.

The journal was initiated in 2002 with the goal of raising issues of the marginalized and calling attention to contemporary issues and events that impact the lives of ordinary citizens, their rights and livelihoods. Samvada is known for its in-depth scholarly articles and commentaries by progressive writers, policy analyses and critical writings on contremporary discourse around gender, caste and class. The articles cover a wide range of topics from literature, art and films to education, health, social security and so on.

The editorial team at Samvada in known for its eclectic scholarship, its focus on synthesising theory and praxis and using the lens of intersectionality to examine and understand contemporary issuses. Therefore it is valued alike by both academics and practitioners, policy- makers and activists, researchers and field workers

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