• Bengaluru

The Covid 19 pandemic has proved detrimental to the well- being of children, adolescents and youth. It has reversed several decades of work put in to improve children’s access to education and their academic progress. The recently released Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) based on a survey in 24 districts of Karnataka in March 2021 indicates significant learning loss as well as learning regression of foundational skills in language and mathematics.

Children have also dropped out of school. For many children it means loss of one sumptuous meal. Children who have lost a parent are shouldering the responsibility of making ends meet. Several young boys have been drawn into petty crimes and addictions while young girls have been married off. UNICEF calls this a ‘catastrophic education emergency worldwide’. What we are staring at is: the threat of losing an entire generation of vulnerable children to exploitation, abuse, malnutrition and violence.

As a consequence of Covid19, there has been a deluge of parents of children in Milind Public School  approaching the Trust seeking fee waiver. The proportion of children provided fee waiver either fully or partially has increased to 97% (320 out of 340 admissions) in the current academic year. 

Anil (name changed) is a bright student in class VII. His father lost his job due to Covid19 which has triggered a series of crises: Anil’s grandmother who suffered from Chronic Kidney Damage (CKD) passed away as they could not afford the cost of dialysis. Anil and his younger brother have dropped out of school. Racked by guilt at not being able to meet even basic needs of his family, Anil’s father has taken to drinking. His mother has started to work as a domestic help. While the struggle for survival continues, Anil longs to go back to school. He has been listless and dull. Unable to see his distress, his mother has approached the Trust for fee support.

But the Trust has run out of resources and is unable to respond not only to Anil’s request but also of 63 other children who have approached the Trust for support. The only way out of this extremely distressing situation is to reach out to you to help us support Anil and his 63 friends to continue their education.

We seek your generous donation to help Anil and his friends (a total of 64 children) get back to school.

The cost of sponsoring one child is Rs.27750/- per annum. This cost covers the cost of annual fees, uniform and books.

Your donation will help the child get back on track, relieve anxiety and guilt of parents who are unable to provide for their children’s education. You will ensure that the child is safe from abuse, trafficking, hunger and falling prey to anti-social elements. Your donation in fact will save an entire generation from being wiped off the education map. Your contribution is an investment in the future of this country and ensuring that it is protected and nurtured.

  • You can choose to contribute monthly or in one lump sum.
  • You could choose to donate to support one or more children.
  • You can contribute any amount, not necessarily the entire cost of one child.  

All your contributions are tax exempted under 80G of the IT Act.

No amount is too small. Remember, ‘Little drops make the might ocean’!