• Bengaluru

Today children and adolescents comprise more than 40% of the our country’s total population, popularly called the “demographic dividend” that will be realized in the coming years. Spoothidhama believes that each of us have a tremendous responsibility to ensure a bright and safe present and future for the children and youth of this country. Therefore Spoorthidhama has been engaged in several academic and cultural activities related to building young people’s capacity to negotiate socio-political realities.

These are young men and women from marginalized communities some of whom have had some level of education but face an uncertain future.  Spoorthidhama organizes residential life -skills workshops for young men and women every six months. These workshops are designed based on Buddhist principles and Babsaheb’s vision of a equal and just society. Each workshop is of one week duration which is aimed to provide a socio- political context to their lives, understand and analyze their lived realities, provide a reflective space to think about their own selves, their aspirations, their futures and provide information about opportunities for their career growth as well as self development. So far more than 3000 youth from marginalized communities across Karnataka have participated in these workshops. Participants are invited from all districts to join in.

In the recent past, we have witnessed several poor households being rendered poorer as the Covid19 pandemic has aggravated the unemployment crisis that had reached catastrophic proportions even before the pandemic. Young men and women from vulnerable communities are desperate for jobs. But a large proportion of them lack employable skills even though they may have studied up to pre- university level or completed graduation.